Breakfast Of Champions: The Placenta Smoothie (VIDEO)

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The sun slowly breaches the horizon; the birds begin chirping, and your alarm quietly starts to buzz. Ahhhh another morning, another chance at a full and healthy day, including a well-balanced diet.

However, when you are perusing the kitchen while your coffee brews I have a sneaking suspicion you aren’t reaching for the berries and placenta for an energizing morning placenta smoothie.

Surprisingly, though, many women are doing just that. There are hundreds of animal species that eat their placenta after birth out of dietary necessity, and one doula specializes in these berry infused smoothies. Amethyst Hertsen is also a placenta encapsulation specialist who creates these specialty smoothies for her clients. Hertsen states:

“All of my clients say that they can’t taste anything but the berries. The strangest part of what I do is the amount of blood that I work with outside of a medical setting.”

Let’s take a closer look at what Hertsen does and maybe a little look into why.

Featured image via Our Family Life and Journey.

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