News Anchor Inadvertently Flashes Live TV Audience

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Italian Journalist Costanza Calabrese was presenting a late-night news bulletin when she accidentally showed a little too much skin.

She was sitting at a glass desk, so I guess she didn’t realize we could all see through it. She was sitting there with her legs spread. When the camera panned out, we could see her underwear.

Now, the clip has been uploaded to YouTube and it has gotten 40,000 views.

One viewer wrote:

“Poor woman! Surely her producers should have let her know something was up!”

Another said:

“How was her dress so high in the first place?”

There have been plenty of other notable wardrobe malfunctions in 2016.

Bella Hadid wore a dress that was cut up to the hip on the red carpet, and she inadvertently flashed a crowd.

At an awards show, host Leslie Mann accidentally undid Dakota Johnson’s top while giving her a congratulatory hug.

Gigi Hadid had one of the most embarrassing nip-slips in history when her top slid down on the runway at the Versace show at Milan’s fashion week.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot

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