Sweet Couple Helps Make Childrens’ Christmas

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Jim Glaub and Dylan Parker used to live on 22nd Street in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. Their address was special for some strange reason because the couple started receiving letters from children written to Santa Claus.

At first, they would only get a few letters per year, then they started getting 25-30 per day. They don’t know why, but somehow that address is associated with Santa Claus.

Jim said:

“I started telling people about [the letters] and noticed that people wanted to help. It inspired me that these letters — all filled with families who just need clothes, shoes, and school supplies — needed our help.”

The couple partnered with friends in the community and began sending gifts and replies to the letters. One year they got gifts for 150 of the 450 the received. The couple now lives in London, but the current tenant forwards the letters to them.

The set up a page called Miracle on 22nd Street, and it now has over 4,000 members. They partnered with the Be an Elf organization to provide gifts for these children who wrote the letters. The hashtag #MiracleOn22Street is trending.

Featured image via Twitter