Suicide Claims Another Young Gay Life And No One Paid Attention To The Signs

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A 16-year old from Four Acres, Botley, Hants. was found hanged by his mother inside his room, not long after his boyfriend James Hartman dumped him.

James said,

“He did mention it quite a lot. The first time I didn’t think he was being serious because he seemed happy so I didn’t know where he was getting his feelings from. There are so many things I wish I’d done, like ringing him so I could speak to him. I feel very bad about the whole situation.”

Zenon Bartlett had long struggled with his sexuality and was in a three-year secret relationship with James. He only recently came out to two close friends.

Zenon’s mother, Lynda Barlett, described how she found her “normal teenage boy” in his room that fateful day.

“I had my lunch and just went upstairs and walked into the bedroom.  I had seen Zenon’s legs sticking out the wardrobe – they didn’t look right and when I walked in and saw what he’d done I was screaming ‘no’ and just calling for help. I went downstairs screaming for help. I phoned for an ambulance and ran upstairs with my mobile phone. If I had thought for a minute that he would self-harm or he would come to us to say he was depressed we would have taken him to the doctor’s or I would pay for a counselor.”

Paying tribute to her son, Mrs Bartlett said:

“In his 16 years, Zenon touched so many lives, we are so proud he was part of our family. Our wish for this in the future is for people to not be afraid and to talk and get help if they are feeling low or suicidal.”

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