Melania Trump Gets The WEIRDEST Compliment From A Designer

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Melania Trump, wife to billionaire and President-elect Donald Trump, has done a very good job at staying out of the spotlight since her husband won the election. One of the dumbest, but most talked about issues that is flooding the media is all over Melania’s wardrobe and style.

Who really gives a shit who dresses Melania.

Okay, well, some of us find it interesting. The latest comes from an interview by the New York Times with Vogue legend, Andre Leon Talley. He sat down with the publication and discussed everything from helping Mrs. Trump pick out her wedding dress to how sweet she was in real life. He even commented on her manners stating:

“….impeccable’ manners and legs that are ‘a long drink of water.'”

But it wasn’t what Talley said about Mrs. Trump’s legs or the fact that he pointed out that we needed to start beating down on her husband’s disgusting cabinet choices before our country was doomed that caught our attention, it was the really strange compliment he paid her afterward. Talley said:

“She was the most fastidiously groomed and exquisitely moisturized person I’d ever met.”

I think if I was looking for a compliment from one of the most influential people in the fashion industry I might be a little confused that his one major compliment was on my grooming and moisturizing habits. Even the New York Times thought this was an extremely strange compliment to pay someone.

Either way, Melania is no stranger to having the ability to be “impeccably groomed,” since she has her own skin care line and a spa in her apartment. Life must be so tough for her…

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