Your Future Christmas Dinner Might Come From A Petri Dish

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A new study has pushed some very interesting predictions about what our Christmas dinner might look like in the year 2050.

In the latest issue of E&T magazine, editor Dickon Ross takes a discusses these changes and the reasons behind them. Ross states:

”¬†Traditionalists need not fear as new technology will mean that we can continue to enjoy our Christmas feast while also protecting both or own health and the environment.”

Some of the changes that Ross talks about include cloned, low-fat, vitamin-fortified “turkey” that may be grown in bioreactors. So basically, your turkey would come from a petri dish.

This drastic change in the way we eat is mostly due to the predicted population growth which will lead to the need for more land. The ever worsening climate change will also make it very difficult to sustain these meat farms which will push people to either vegetarianism or to the magically made meat from the science lab.

It looks like the future just might bring some relief to, not only the turkey, but to cows, chickens, and pigs.

I’m not sure how I feel about eating bacon from a science lab.

Featured image via The Onion.

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