Alabama Santa Claus Finally Gets His License Plate Wish Granted

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An Alabama Santa Claus has been fighting with the Department of Revenue to be allowed to have a license plate reading “HO HO.”

Dave Reid, who looks like Santa, said this about it:

“I have a 1999 4Runner that across the back glass says ‘My other ride is a sleigh’ with a wildlife license plate that says HO HO. How offensive is that? People drive by me on the interstate so everyone can wave and take a picture. Who is offended by that? It’s ridiculous.”

He tried many different combinations of letters when he was trying to get the plate online. He typed “UA,” then typed “HO,” and that went through. However, when he tried “HO HO,” it wouldn’t.

Reid also said:

“When you live with the spirit of Christmas year round, when you project that spirit to the children, where ever you meet them, whenever you meet them, it’s a slap in the face when a government entity says that’s offensive. How far do we go with that? It’s really crazy.”

Photo Via Twitter.

Featured image via Ego TV.