This Mom Thought Of A Brilliant Christmas Tree That Saves… Trees

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Are you tired of seeing the festive designs of Christmas trees all over the internet? Are you one of those who is against using real trees for people’s Holiday trees? Then you will love what this Mom did.

Carolyn Wignall constructed her Christmas tree out of egg boxes. Yes, you heard that right. You may think that eggs are associated with Easter, but Carolyn successfully merged the Easter associated decor to her Christmas.

When asked about it, she said,

“We wanted an alternative Christmas tree which is all about preserving trees rather than cutting them down. We have constructed it out of items that can be recycled afterwards. We’ve been saving up egg boxes all year and asking the families of the children to do so too.”

Source: Mirror

It sounds like quite an effort, and an eggy one at that.

“We had so many different sizes and colors of egg boxes and the bigger ones which take 18 eggs were perfect to make a solid foundation for the tree.The middle of the tree is stuffed full of old Examiner newspapers.”

Source: Mirror

Image via Pixabay.