Family Orders A Cute Unicorn Cake But Got A Horn-y One Instead

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Fairy dusts, rainbows, unicorns and cupcakes. Who would not want to go back to that magical time when all we wanted were these?

Well, we can’t so the least we can make sure that if we have a daughter, especially one that is celebrating her birthday, that she gets what she wants.

This girl right here knew what she wants, she wanted a cute unicorn cake that looks like this.

“Aaaaw”, right?

So the parents used the picture to order her cake and were surprised when they got their order. The cake that was given to them was a bit horn-y, if you know what I mean.

“Our daughter wanted a unicorn cake for her birthday like the one she saw online. We didn’t really get what we expected…”


The couple posted it on Reddit and got a lot of comments. The best one so far is this.

“Did that dic-I mean cake come in a box?”

Image via Pixabay.