This Guy Hit A Car Then Left An UNBELIEVABLE Note

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Hit and run is a common thing, a lot of incidents of hit and run are reported every day. When you do hit a car, and no one is looking, of course, it would only make sense to run, right? Run and no one will have to know.

Well that isn’t necessarily the most honest option.

But what would you do if there was someone watching? You leave a note like this guy right here. He happened to hit a parked car, and when he wasn’t able to run because someone saw the incident, he left this note.

The note said:

“Sorry I hit your car there’s no scratches but someone was watching me. Your cars (sic) sh** anyway, shouldn’t of blocked me in. Learn how to park c***.”

It was a very rude note, but he made it up for it with two kisses in the end. I guess that should fix it? Hmmm..

Image via Mirror.