Father Wakes Up To Find Stranger Cradling His Child

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In a terrifying event, a man and his wife woke to find an intruder sitting on their couch holding their two-year-old daughter.

The man, Oren Cohen, yelled out that he was their friend before tossing the crying child on the couch and making a break for it. The father chased Cohen down the stairs and wrestled with him until police arrived and detained the intruder with the use of a stun gun.

Once in custody Cohen was questioned on many things including whether or not he had sexually assaulted the little girl. Cohen broke into tears swearing he would never ever do something like that, especially since his father was a sexual predator.

Cohen stated that he had been heavily drinking at a friends house in the same complex and was “black out drunk.” He then wondered into the victim’s home where he took off his jacket and shoes, drank some orange juice, and discovered the two-year-old. But when he saw the baby he didn’t fall to gush over an adorable child, instead he thought the baby was a midget. Cohen stated:

“It looks like a midget, and I thought it’s [a] midget.”

So apparently this man broke into someone’s home absolutely wasted, drank some OJ, and sat holding what he thought to be a midget. The police report stated:

“Oren advised with 100 percent certainty that he did not perform or engage in any sexual acts with the victim of this incident. Once it was relayed to Oren that the victim in his incident was a 2-year-old female, he became very upset and broke down crying. Oren said he would never hurt a child and does not remember the details of this incident because he was ‘black out drunk.”

Cohen is being held on a $250,000 bond for trespassing, burglary, and kidnapping. He has also expressed his sincere apologies but still states he didn’t do anything…


Feature image via Buzzfeed.

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