A Couple Orders A Fisher Price Toy But Gets An Assault Rifle Instead

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Joel Berman happily began opening a delivered package in front of his wife and six-year-old granddaughter expecting to light up the little girl’s face with a new Fisher Price Toy they ordered, but that isn’t even close to what was in the box.

What better alternative to a toy for his six-year-old little granddaughter than a semi-automatic weapon, clip, scope, and ammo?

Photo via MSN.

Watch out little Bobby! Little Susie is on a rampage over nap time!

The Berman’s took their granddaughter in the other room and immediately called the police. To make matters worse the family had been driving around all day with the weapon in the trunk of their car thinking it was an innocent child’s toy.

UPS says the incident is highly unusual and that there will be a full investigation into what happened with this shipment.

The fact that we are shipping semi-automatic weapons in the mail with full ammo is bad enough but to add to that this weapon could have ended up in the wrong hands, or worse, another small child’s hand.

Let’s hope this Christmas little Berman opens a bunch of sweet dolls and playsets and not a bazooka or grenade.

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