Parking Tickets Are Swapped For Something Heartwarming In Texas

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Can you imagine going back to your car and finding a parking ticket?

And during Christmas season too.

You’ve just come from a spending spree for gifts and treats and then this happens, the worst.

So, in line with the festive season, one police force from Texas thought of a nice way to solve this inconvenience, they decided to swap traffic offenses for a charitable drive.

Instead of handing out parking tickets, Godley Police Department issues notes asking vehicle owners to bring gifts into the station to be given to children who are in need.

The police force is in a small town near Dallas-Fort Worth Texas, and says that it’s replacing minor traffic violations with the request. So far, officers have collected dozens of toys for less fortunate kids.

The idea came from the city’s new Police Chief, Jason Jordan, who, after taking over in March, decided that he wants to make this toy drive a  long standing tradition.

“We’ve probably handed out a couple hundred.”


Image via Pixabay.