Two Idiots Foil There Own Plan To Rob The Local BBQ Joint

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Robert Bourne and David Grigsby, two not-so-intelligent Kentucky men, sat down in their vehicle and discussed all the places they planned to rob over a few cold ones.

Little did they know, one of their phones, shoved down snug in one of their pockets, had activated it’s emergency service and called 911.

So, as these two morons planned out their entire heist on Brother’s BBQ, the local BBQ joint, the police were putting in a call to their police chief, Tony Gray. Low and behold, that Chief just happened to be grabbing some evening supper at that exact restaurant at that exact moment.

Couldn’t get any more coincidental right?


The Sheriff had the call traced and found the two idiots sitting in their truck in the parking lot of the restaurant, drunker than hell. Gray stated:

“When we stepped out back to talk, the dispatcher was able to pinpoint the phone, and the call was coming from somewhere in the parking lot at Brothers’. At that time, they located the two suspects sitting in the vehicle.”

Both men were arrested and charged with alcohol related offenses. Maybe next time you two fools could make your plans from your house and not in front of the establishment.

Photo via Huffington Post.

Featured image via BBQ Brothers.

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