Meltdown At The Cheese Festival – No Boobs Were Safe And No Cheese Was Seen

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London’s famous Borough Market housed a “Fromage-themed Extravaganza” on Wednesday where everything turned into a meltdown as chaos descended on the event itself.

The event was first announced on Facebook where more than 18,000 people said they were attending. Unlike other events where the attendees did not match the Facebook “goers,” this event seemed to have succeeded in making all 18,000 attend.

The event was packed, and a lot of the attendees confessed that they did not even see any cheese.

It was so crowded that there were times that they were just standing in the middle of the crowd without moving.

Smacked In The Face

Kelly Fox, an attendee, had a horrid time and was even smacked in the face with a backpack.

“Couldn’t get a look in at any of the stalls. I got elbowed in the boob and backpacked in the face! Gave up in the end and went to Regent Street to look at the Christmas lights. Was looking forward to this all month. Disappointing.”

What A Let Down

Andy Green, another attendee, came all the way from Kent to eat cheese and was very upset with the outcome of the event.

He wrote on Facebook:

“What a terrible shame you could not organize this properly, it was just an evening of squeeze!”

Battle With Cheese

Another attendee, Michael Bell shared:

“Never had to battle for cheese before. Great to see such demand for great product, but utter chaos.”

Here are some Tweets:

Lesson Learned

Borough Market managing director, Darren Henaghan, said in a statement:

“Whilst it went off without incident, we were saddened to hear that a small minority of visitors were disappointed with the Evening of Cheese. For the last ten years, we have opened this historic and unique market at Christmas for this special event, and this year saw unprecedented numbers attend, making the market much busier than usual. Clearly there are some lessons to be learned due to the event’s popularity and we’ll be taking feedback into account for next year.”

Clearly, next year’s event should be more planned because we wouldn’t want to see another cheese meltdown.

Image via Mirror.

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