It’s Hard To Believe This Man Won A Nobel Prize (VIDEO)

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Okay, we all are a little confused by Bob Dylan’s selection for Nobel Prize winner, and we became even less enchanted when he acted like it wasn’t one of the biggest awards a human being could acquire but looking at this video, his strange behavior makes a little more sense.

It is a normal occurrence to see musicians put out a Christmas or Holiday album a month or two before the season and Dylan was no different when he released his in 2009. His video to go along with it though makes you wonder what Christmas is like in his house.

The Huffington Post unearthed this seven-year-old music video where Dylan sings the classic Christmas song, “It Must Be Santa.” Sounds pretty spot on for a Christmas album release right?

Think Again

Between Dylan’s weird wig, polka theme, and fighting guests at his party this video climbs right up there to one of the weirdest holiday renditions. Add in his list of Presidents when naming the reindeer and you have the perfect example of the oddity that is Bob Dylan.

Take a look for yourself.

Featured image via screenshot/Vimeo.

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