Hugh Jackman Jabs Back At Ryan Reynolds And It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

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There has constantly been friendly banter back and forth between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, especially in the Dead Pool movies where Ryan Reynolds stars as, none other than, Dead Pool himself.

Up until now, however, Hugh Jackman has kept relatively quiet with the comebacks. He broke that silence over Instagram by posting a hilarious video, Ryan Reynolds mask and all.

All the jokes are in good fun and Ryan Reynolds even got serious earlier this month when he talked about wanting to get Wolverine and Dead Pool in a movie together. The two characters are notoriously intertwined in the comic series, sometimes fighting with each other and sometimes fighting against each other.

For this movie idea, Reynolds wants to see the hilarious duo fight crime together. Whether Jackman sees that as a good idea or not, this Instagram video is definitely a perfect choice for payback.

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