This Board Game Is Sized For Giants And It SHATTERED All The Records

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Studentenvereniging Ceres group, a student group at Wageningen University, teamed up with Hasbro, the game makers of Monopoly, to construct a huge Monopoly board that broke the U.S. world record.

The game board the United States hadĀ built was 8,017.68 square-foot.

The board in Wageningen, Netherlands was a whopping 9,689.97 square-feet and made of 804 printed panels.

The university’s sports field housed the board where the students played a round of the popular game while Guinness adjudicator Jack Brockbank supervised.

After the game, Brockbank officially announced thatĀ Studentenvereniging Ceres had successfully broken the previous record, overtaking the United States by 744.867 square meters.

I wonder how big the top hat was…

Image via Scott Anderson Studio.

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