Self Driving Uber Car Runs Red Light And Almost Mows Over A Pedestrian

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Everybody is so excited about these new self-driving Uber taxis taking to the streets in California. However, no one seems to notice that they are running red lights and nearly mowing down people in crosswalks.

A fellow driver sharing the roadway, Charles Rotter, posted the video of the Uber taxi driving straight through a red light.

So apparently Uber is claiming that this was not one of the self-driving vehicles and that a human driver was in it at the time so pretty much means your drivers are more dangerous than your self-propelled vehicles?


It also is pretty convenient they figured this out right after the California DMV sent them a letter asking them to shut the program down immediately because they failed to obtain the proper permits for such an experiment.

Which is it Uber? Are your drivers mowing down innocent bystanders or your robot cars?

Either way, I think I’ll take the bus.

Featured Image Via Wallpaper Craft.

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