The Most Ridiculous Fashion Trend Is Blowing Our Minds (VIDEO)

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Somewhere, at some point, a not from this planet fashion designer sent their models out onto the runway with faux fur nails and the planet was doomed from there.

I am not exactly sure why people would think this is a good idea unless they are finding that the tips of their fingers are getting a bit frosty. In reality, I see this trend being impractical and quite frankly, unsanitary.

I mean really, how do you cook food, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, take a shower? Do you condition and blow dry your nails afterward?

I feel like these are questions that we just may never know the answer to. Hopefully, this trend doesn’t last too long, but at least you will know why there is a rash of dogs walking around missing patches of fur.

Just watch.

Featured Image Via Slate.

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