Fireball Has Released The Cure For Inauguration Day Blues

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Fireball, the delicious cinnamon flavored whiskey, has come out with an absolute saving grace for Inauguration Day, the Fireball box-o-whiskey.

Now for most of us the name “Fireball” brings back some not so happy drunken memories that may or may not include nudity, anger, vomit, shame, or all of the above.

However, when I am sitting down in front of the computer to do my inaugural writing duties my normal cup of coffee or glass of wine is just not going to be strong enough.

Fear Not!!

Be the MVP your friends need with a #Firebox! #Winning

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And if you are on the move that fateful day don’t be discouraged, you too can take the box with you! Just follow this lovely lady’s example.

Wherever your day takes you, don’t forget to add Fireball to your list of must have boxed alcoholic beverages to survive the official degradation of our country and its history.

Off The Main Page wants to remind you all to drink responsibly and NEVER operate a vehicle while under the influence. Hunker down because this next four years will accumulate a ton of empty box-o-whiskeys and large wine bottles.

Don’t forget to recycle.

Featured Image Via Newsneck.

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