WATCH These Two Furry Menaces Battle The Great Yoda (VIDEO)

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Star Wars, “Rogue One” hasn’t hit the big screen yet but with so many trailers, memorabilia, and amazing YouTube videos we are all chomping at the bit.

But Fear Not!!

An amazing video has hit the internet and it showing Yoda’s fearlessness in the face of battle, his mad skills with a lightsaber, and truly captures the essence of all that is…weird.

Instagram celebrities, and fearless furry dogs, Crockett and Tubbs, have come out with a two part series where they face off with the masterful Yoda. Well he’s stuffed but none the less here is the first video:

It looks like Yoda may be in for it but wait! There is another part to this series and the ending seems like it may have left us with a possible part three.

One can only hope Crockett and Tubbs realize the error of their ways and leave the dark side!

Featured Image Via Wookiepedia.

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