Sweden Makes Sure Mice Feel Right At Home

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As we spend our days fumigating, setting up evil death traps, and standing on couches screaming as tiny little furballs run across our living room floors, Sweden is making sure their mice feel right at home in their city streets.

In the neighborhood of Möllevången in the Swedish town of Malmö, tiny little mouse restaurants can be found in the basement windows along the street.

A little cheese and cracker store has everything including mouse sized tables and chairs and tiny little buns.

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Anonymouse MMX is an anonymous artist group that puts their time and effort into creating these little structures from items found on the streets. They stated:

“It’s just too darn charming to imagine a world where mice lives parallel to ours but just slightly out of sight.”

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Apparently, people are already starting to interact with these tiny mouse villages and are adding to them with posters and baked goods.

With the state of the world today we can only hope this type of kindness spills over to the two-legged variety as well.

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