This Creepy Dude Was Arrested For The Weirdest Reason

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Don’t let this blue eyed smiling face fool you, beneath the surface is an extreme mastermind that kept the senior community in Florida on edge since November.

The man, identified as Jasper Fiorenza, was captured and has been detained on a $20,000 bond and charged with burglary. But you are probably wondering what exactly this man did to get the community in such an uproar.

After breaking into an elderly Florida resident’s home, he stood quietly at the end of her bed. When she awoke frightened by the sight of him, she screamed out for him to leave and that is when he did it. That is when he committed the heinous crime….

He pets her cat.

No that is not a metaphor sicko, he literally bent down, pet the house cat and let himself out. He was caught because the police say he left some sort of evidence behind and wouldn’t give the exact details.

Are they testing cat hair follicles for DNA now? I am assuming this hasn’t been the only time a thief or criminal has stopped to pet a cat in Florida. I mean it is Florida, the biggest retirement state in the country.

There are old cat ladies up and down every block with those evil furry guys, meaning the cats, just waiting to catch a villain on the loose.

Let’s just be glad they caught the monster.

Featured Image Via St. Pete Patch

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