This Collection Of Nativity Sets Include Hipsters, Shotguns, And A Few Tampons

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Sweet baby Jesus, born in a manger with Mary, Joseph, and the Three Wise Men, has been depicted in real life and still life nativities for decades. Fortunately, for those that love the outlandish there is a collector that showcases his weird and wonderful nativities every year. has collected over seventy different nativities from those made of spam to bullets and everything in between. Let’s take a look at some of OTMP’s favorite holiday cheer nativity sets.

Hipster Christmas


There is nothing closer to today’s truth than a modern day hipster inspired nativity set. The virgin Mary is snapping selfies, the cow is organic, and the Three Wise Men are rolling up on Segways carrying their gifts in their appropriate Amazon packages.

A Zombie Christmas


It wouldn’t be Christmas without the Three Wise Men eating Joseph’s brain and baby Jesus taking off a nipple. Well, actually, if you think about the premise of Christmas, there actually wouldn’t be a Christmas if everyone had turned to zombies.

A Bullet For My Baby Jesus?


“Come on Bertha we gotta make us a new nativity. I got these shotgun shells me and Bubba used to kill dinner last week. Grab the magic markers!!”

Tampon Christmas


Well at least if there is an emergency the Three Wise Men can get you through the day without any accidents! I would leave baby Jesus though, that feels a little wrong.

Featured Image Via Who Killed Bambi.

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