This Fisher Price ‘Happy Hour Playset’ Fooled Millions Of Idiots Everywhere

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A post has recently gone viral on Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram depicting a Fisher Price toy box that is no kitchen playtime. This set, which I wish I had as a kid, was entitled “Happy Hour Playset.”

Of course, to reasonable, intelligent people we automatically understand that this is obviously not a children’s play set, but instead some hilarious meme spoof put out for a laugh. Unfortunately, we forget that the world is made up of as many stupid people as it is intelligent ones and Fisher Price had to step in.

Adam Padilla, the co-founder of a branding agency and admin on a meme site created the image using the standard graphics programs used on any other meme. He put it up on the site but didn’t see much activity from it. Unbeknownst to him that image was going viral and ended up on a local news channel. Padilla stated:

“I put it up there, and it got OK results. Then about three or four days later, I got a message, one of my friends said ‘Hey, your Happy Hour Playset was on the news.’”

Fisher Price ended up having to respond to hundreds of angry, stupid people who were posting their disgust of this fictitious product that they really thought would be on their Target shelves this Christmas.



Padilla never meant to mislead people, but I am curious how many backwoods rednecks pulled their credit cards out and went searching for this product online. There might be some disappointed kids out there this Christmas, though they probably could just use the mini bar in the living room.

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