You Too Could Live In A House That Smells Like Chicken

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Every year I light that one special candle that brings back memories of decorating Christmas trees baking cookies and waiting for Santa but I never imagined a candle that could bring back so much more.

How could you ask for anything better than a candle specially made by the chicken masters themselves, Kentucky Fried Chicken? Well, it’s not a dream, you too can have a candle scented like deep fried animal carcass to bring back the memories of chicken farms and fried fat.

In all seriousness what in the world are people thinking, and don’t act like someone out there didn’t buy this ridiculous thing. Imagine coming home slipping into a bubble bath, lighting a room full of candles and falling into a blissful chicken meditation.

Watch out Yankee candle; you may lose some of your business this Christmas, and Kentucky Fried Chicken may gain some extra revenue from all of the inexplicable chicken cravings.

Featured image via Modern Stead.

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