Amazon Studios Develops Their First Animated Story-And It Is Pretty Goth (VIDEO)

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Okay so Amazon entering the animation industry is a huge announcement in itself but let’s get serious, on Off The Main Page we want the juicy details first.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s an edgy punk/goth cartoon based on the Dark Horse Entertainment comic series, “Emily Strange,” was a huge deal for many angsty and emotional teenagers. When the series  out it went back to still being a relatively popular comic book.

Years later Universal attempted to do a huge onscreen bring back of the dark haired, but creepily adorable girl, but it never made it past the brainstorming phase and ended up back in the laps of Dark Horse.

Well, fear not lovely goth guys and gals, your angst will not go unrewarded since Amazon has now decided to make “Emily Strange” their first animated story-line for their brave dive into the animation world.

Though the story doesn’t have a writer, star, or script yet, you can rest assured knowing that in the dark recesses of Amazon laboratories there is a team of misguided producers creating Gothic cuteness and dark story-lines for your future viewing pleasure. Amazon told Hollywood Reporter that they would:

“Keep the authenticity and edge of the property.”

In simpler terms, Amazon is going to resuscitate Emily to her dark, beautiful, former glory, black locks and all.

Featured Image Via Cartoon Brew