Screw Gender Bias – Put Those Nipples On Display!

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It is no secret that there is a severe gender bias when it comes to nudity and social media. Actually, if you think about it, there is a societal gender bias towards nudity as a whole. How many times have we heard stories about a woman’s pic being taken down because it shows “too much cleavage,” or her breastfeeding?

Photo Via Genderless Nipples/Instagram.

Well, Morgan-Lee Wagner, Evelyne Wyss, and Marco Russo are putting their foot down and saying enough is enough with their Genderless Nipple Instagram.

“We are not against the rules, but we think rules should be applied to all genders equally. Society is changing and it’s time for the rules to follow this behavior.”

Contributors who are friends, fans and colleagues, send their close up nipple pics to the trio to be displayed on Instagram. The original site, which was deleted, was transferred to their new page and includes nipples of all shape, color, size, and hairiness with no discussion on gender affiliation.

“They’re just nipples! And we love them!”

When you finally get passed the fact that nipples are kind of weird looking, the concept of the site brings up a plethora of thoughts about gender inequality and just how damn stupid it really is. It is a constant fight with Instagram to keep some of the pics up.

Photo Via Genderless Nipples/Instagram.

As Bob walks around on a hot Sunday afternoon at the beach and takes his shirt off, no one notices, unless you are staring at Bob’s giant Pokemon tattoo. At the same time, Brenda is walking the beach sweating but if she were to take her shirt off she would be met with looks of disgust, sexual harassment, and ultimately slapped with an indecent exposure charge by local police.

Photo Via Genderless Nipples/Instagram.

So even though, throughout history, our thoughts and mindsets have gotten increasingly more liberal, our standards on what is acceptable as far as “showing skin” has gotten ten times more conservative. We started out in a time where breasts were almost always exposed, art focused on the beauty of the human form, and when it came to exposure, what women could show was no different than men.

As time, and let’s be honest, religion progressed we went up and down and finally landed where, yes we can show our ankles again, but breasts are off the table. Women’s bodies are sexualized while showing off a naked body by a man is considered masculine by societal standards.

Well, I say screw the societal norm, let’s all snap a pic and send them to Genderless Nipples!

Can you guess which one is mine?

Featured Image Via Genderless Nipples

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