The Love Of A Man And His Bird Transends Even Jail Time

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Craig Buckner was just any common thief who needed to attend a court hearing for his multiple misdemeanor charges. Thinking it wouldn’t take too long, Buckner brought his beloved four-year-old Macaw, Bird, with him.

Buckner assumed he would be given an order to turn himself in and then released but that isn’t quite what happened. The Judge ordered Buckner to be taken into custody immediately which he did without a fight.

If you were unexpectedly going to jail on a $10,000 bond you would be thinking about your safety, your family, if you left the stove on, but not Mr. Buckner; his thoughts were anchored right outside in the courtyard. He had left his parrot, named Bird, in the tree outside of the courthouse.

The police reported that he was very concerned, so they attempted to call Bird from his tree but, as a good bird would, he completely ignored them. Eventually, the police allowed Buckner to go out into the courtyard at which time Bird came right to him.

He contacted a friend to get Bird, but until they came, the police allowed him to keep his pet close and secure, including permitting the bird in his mugshot. Eventually, the friend came and picked up Bird, but his faithful owner is still in jail.

If only every inmate had a special bird, maybe violence would decrease, or the number of bird fights would increase, either way, Bird is safe and sound.

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