Airbus Patents Terrifying Convertible Airplane Design That No Sane Person Will Want To Fly In

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There are many people who have a serious phobia of flying and have been working very hard to try and overcome it. Air bus, however has decided to take them many steps back by inventing a convertible plane that redefines thrill.

The company has presented a design to the US patent and trademark corporation which has left many people asking, why? This plane is expected to have a detachable body which separates from the pilot’s cabin after takeoff.

The management of Airbus explains this as a move to increase traffic, since the cabin is used to launch the plane and lands back to pick another one. The planes are expected to land without the cabin and allow passengers to come off the plane.

They argue that this will help them make more money by having more planes flying at a go hence saving on time.

This however will not go well with the passengers since it is unimaginable being on board a plane then it detaches. The Rooster reports that, given this option most people will prefer waiting the whole day at the airport to board a normal plane.

This is a challenge that Airbus will have to deal with and convince their clients that this convertible airplane is safe.

Image via Rooster.