Yuck! Woman Finds Giblets, Hair In KFC Chicken Meal

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When you go to eat at KFC, you are expecting hot fried chicken right? You want to take a bite of that juicy chicken with all 21 herbs and spices available to your taste buds. Imagine what it is like to take a big bite of chicken only to taste something vile and disgusting?

Cassandra Perkins, 22, recently went into the Wellingborough, Northants KFC branch. She purchased her order and then sat down to enjoy her dinner. After she opened it, she knew something was wrong.

When she looked at the meat, it was colored pink and gray and resembled a brain. It was raw giblets instead of a chicken dinner. Under further inspection, Perkins also found a hair on the bun.

KFC said there was no formal complaint given by Perkins but they apologized for the mistake. They explained that sometimes things happen and giblets may end up in the food. They said that if customers ever have a problem with what they ordered, they should go to management as soon as it happens so that the problem can be corrected.

This should be a lesson to anyone, always take a look at your food before you put in your mouth. No one wants to bite down on a raw giblet or ingest an employee’s hair. Yuck!

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