WTF?? Chinese Airlines Hold Bikini Contest For Flight Attendant Recruitment

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Chinese Airlines has gone against all odds and decided to conduct a search for flight attendants in a kind of “unique” way by parading the ladies in their bikini suits. For this reason, there must be a womens rights activist in America screaming her heart out and wondering what happened to decency.

Surprisingly, the event attracted more than 1,000 girls, most of whom are fresh high school graduates. They were required to line up in their bikinis while the recruiters searched for the “right ladies for the job.”

Well, it seems flight attendants are no longer gay men and the innocent looking ladies — when did things change this much?

This, according to The Rooster, was a promotion to pave the way for higher learning institutions to build different recruitment criteria and provide the students with a platform to showcase themselves. Do not worry — you are not the only one stuck is Stone Age.

China is one of the countries that records the highest numbers of suicide cases to the extent that all buildings are required to have nets all around them to catch the next candidate. On the same note, they seem not to have an idea of what sexual harassment at the workplace entails or where it even begins from.

As long as this is allowed to continue, be ready to witness more madness of this kind. These ambitious ladies will continue to show off their privies to get a chance to interact with the ‘businessmen who board planes’.

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