This Very Rare Giraffe Looks Just Like David Bowie

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David Bowie fans around the world are remembering the late rock star, who died January 10th, with their best impersonations. No one is doing Bowie quite like Omo. This rare giraffe allowed herself to be photographed in late January pulling her best Ziggy Stardust face.

Omo resides at Tanzania’s Tarangire National park and is prized for her unusually pale skin. This, unfortunately, makes her especially vulnerable to poaching since she stands out compared to her companions. Perhaps she is showing the world she is worth protecting by sucking in her cheeks and being proud of her leucism, the condition that makes her so fair and Bowie-like.

The most recent pictures of Omo were taken by Wild Nature Institute’s Dr. Derek Lee. Once posted to the public, social media lit up with comments about how much the rare giraffe resembles Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust phase. Like the rockstar’s persona, Omo is lean and pale with a mane of auburn hair. Whether she will start singing about the Spiders from Mars or offering satirical commentary about the music industry remains to be seen.

The world will always miss the beloved David Bowie, but at least we can anticipate the spirit of his altar ego living on in Omo the white giraffe and perhaps all pale animals everywhere.

Featured image via i100

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