The Underboob Pen Challenge Is A Thing. Here’s Why That Sucks.

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The new social media craze is something called the “underboob pen challenge.”

In the challenge, a woman’s breast is viewed in different perspectives with the underside being the least appreciated and displayed. The cleavage is the most appreciated, followed by the side which is believed to stir lots of imagination. The bottom part, however remains mysterious; or at least until the internet went crazy with campaigns alleging that the underboob should also be appreciated since it contributes to the true worth of a woman.

As the name suggests, this involves women placing pens under the curve of their breasts with an aim of attracting the public’s attention to this lowly regarded body part.

This idea was first implemented in China, where ladies were asked to take part in the challenge as a test of true womanhood. This they explained, was a way of showing the world that a true woman appreciates all her curves, including the not so alluring ones like the underboob.

As a result, the hash tag #UnderboobChallenge has gone viral and even made to YouTube, getting over 120,000 views in less than 2 weeks. Women have used this chance to allegedly prove to the world their femininity because they can hold pens under their boobs.


In the real world, this definition of womanhood is flawed because it proposes that ladies with not so curvy underboobs are not women enough. The same goes for young girls, adolescent girls with small boobs which are still developing and patients who for one reason or another have undergone mastectomy. If the challenge is anything to go by, it implies that such women should start being classified as men, right?

Women have gone ahead and made this challenge crazier by replacing pens with makeup brushes, lip gloss tubes, and any other item that is part of a woman’s existence and can fit under the boob. This makes the situation even more absurd because it means that a woman is no longer defined by gender, but by their ability to carry stuff under their boobs. The boobs can after all be used as pouches.

Over time, this has graduated from its initial misplaced motive of promoting self appreciation among women to a contest of displaying breasts on social media for the world to see. So while we disagree with the intentions behind this challenge, The Rooster is giving us the opportunity to view what has been going on.

Image screen captured from YouTube