Teen Seriously Injured Performing The ‘Duct Tape Challenge’

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A teen was seriously injured and rushed to an area hospital in Washington state, where he remains under observation, after competing in a challenge he saw on YouTube. Skylar Fish, 14, was performing the duct tape challenge with friends when the accident happened.

So, what is the duct tape challenge? The idea is pretty simple. One person is wrapped in duct tape by a spotter, then they are challenged to break free while the entire ordeal is timed. The participant is tasked with breaking free from the tape as quickly as possible.

According to Fish, he and his friend had performed the challenge several times prior to the accident. During those challenges, however, Fish and his friends were taped to a pole. During this challenge, however, Fish was standing without assistance when he was taped up.

During his attempt to break free Fish lost his balance and fell over, hitting his head on a concrete window sill. Fish’s fall resulted in a gash on his head that required 48 staples to close, a crushed eye socket, and a brain aneurysm that required immediate medical intervention.

The stunt that Fish was performing is one of the most popular challenges on the video network. Nearly 500,000 results for the duct tape challenge are returned when searching on YouTube.

YouTube challenges gone bad are not uncommon. Between 2007 and 2012, several people were rushed to the hospital after competing in the cinnamon challenge. In that challenge, participants were tasked with eating a spoon of cinnamon without any liquid. The results landed several individuals in the hospital due to collapsed lungs, pneumonia from the inhalation of cinnamon and violent coughing fits.

Sarah Fish, Skylar’s mother, is now warning people about the challenge, as well as other challenges teens may see on YouTube. She wants parents to know that their teens see these challenges as harmless fun and rarely worry about what can go wrong.

While Fish is expected to make a full recovery, both he and his mother understand just how badly the challenge could have ended. His injuries were life threatening and were the result of what he and his friends thought was harmless fun.

YouTube has not commented on the incident.


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