Study: Moms To Blame If You Are Smaller Than Average ‘Down There’

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How is your manhood, in terms of size and strength? If you have never checked, it’s about time you took a tour down there and if you find that there is a problem, do not worry because it is not your fault but your mama’s.

A study conducted in the Czech Republic indicates that there is a relationship between the health of the stuff between your legs and how you relate to your mother. This means that moms actually have a role to play in how you score in bedtime affairs.

This conclusion was arrived at by asking two awkward questions to a sample of 960 sexually active men.

  1. What rating would you give to your relationship with your mother?
  2. How well does your guy down there stand?

From this, it was determined that men who perceived their moms negatively were more likely to have premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction as opposed to men who adored their moms. This correlation is still not clear and it is better off remaining a mystery for the sake of our sanity.

They, however, suspect it is all about the battle of sexes whereby a fight with your mother registers in the brain, in the same way a fight with your wife does. This, they say starts from a tender age and builds up over time, meaning the more the conflicts you have with your mother, the more likely you will be to face these issues.

The researchers, according to The Rooster also came out with findings that a person with erectile dysfunction suffers from premature ejaculation as well. This is as a result of the anxiety of not wanting to disappoint your partner, but it ends up ‘coming too fast’.

All because of the argument you had with mama many years ago!

Image via Rooster.