Naked Man Rescued From Freezing Cold Near Pentagon In Virginia

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Over the last several months, there have been three separate incidents of nude men along roads in Virginia near the Arlington, Virginia/Pentagon areas. The cases don’t seem to be related other than the mens’ fondness for nudity.

In the most recent case, a nude man startled locals when he was seen walking calmly near Pentagon Row on January 22. According to local police, cited in the ARLNow news website, drivers saw plenty at the intersection of Joyce Street and Army Navy Drive at around 1:30 p.m. that day.

The first calls were reporting a “naked male walking in cold weather talking to himself.” Temperatures at the time were near freezing.

The first officer to arrive was concerned about the man’s mental health, and the man was transported to Virginia Hospital Center.

Back in October, another naked man was spotted in some bushes by a man walking his dog near the Washington & Old Dominion trail in a local park on a Saturday morning. The Arlington County Police said there had been no further sightings of the man described as a “Hispanic or Middle-Eastern male with dark hair and a slim build.”

The police don’t believe this naked man was related to a rash of exposure incidents along the trail

Just a few months before that incident in August, also in the Arlington, Virginia area, police received calls from drivers on a Thursday morning about a naked man running down a road in South Arlington.

The Arlington County Police said the calls began with a clothed man “throwing himself onto the hoods of cars” but eventually calls began reporting an unclothed man in the same area. The man was never located – with or without clothes!

Featured image via ARL Now

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