Miami-Dade Man Pleads Guilty To Killing Cross-Dressing Voodoo Priest

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Florida doesn’t lead the nation in very many things, but crazy headlines is one of them. Most unusual news stories happen to take place somewhere in Florida, and this story coming out of Miami-Dade county is a doozy. A man recently plead guilty to killing a cross dressing voodoo priest.

This strange story begins with Malherbe Francois, a man living on the streets of Miami, meeting Beauglais Bazelais. Bazelais practiced voodoo, and routinely performed various spells for paying customers. He took a liking to Francois, and it wasn’t long before they entered into a physical relationship. According to Francois, he was never a willing participant, and was under a spell each time. Bazelais on the other hand took their relationship more seriously. He often told people him and Francois were married, and dressed up as a woman to fulfill the role of the wife.

As time went on, Francois became increasingly tired of Bezalais’ bizarre and controlling ways. One fateful night, Francois intended to move out, and even began packing his bag. This did not sit well with Bezalais, who came at Francois with a powdery substance. That is when Francois shot Bezalais three times.

Afterwards, Francois went to a nearby pay phone and called 911 to report the shooting. Local Miami-Dade police took him to jail, but not before treating Francois to some Wendy’s (not making that up).

During his trial, Francois intended to claim self defense, but plead guilty to second degree murder instead. He accepted a plea deal, and he is currently serving a fifteen year prison sentence.

In this day and age, LGBT rights are at the forefront of social issues, and Americans take exception when someone in that community’s rights are infringed upon. It is not uncommon to see LGBT related stories in an ordinary news cycle. Florida however, takes things to bizarre new heights. Is reality truly stranger than fiction? For Miami-Dade County residents, it often times is.

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