Idaho Man Calls 9-1-1 At Least 12 Times Because His Bar Bill Was So High

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Bartenders are an important component in a drinker’s life owing to the fact that they are held responsible for all the awkwardness people engage in when drunk. It is true that every shot they bring to the table introduces more irrationality and causes deterioration in the drinker’s motor skills. At some point, drunkards think that these people have intentions of causing them harm, and that is what happened to this individual.

This guy from Northern Idaho found himself in serious problems during the weekend after he made a distress call to 911 a good number of times to report a very serious issue according to his judgment – being overcharged at the bar.

Unfortunately for him, calling 911 without being in real distress earned him a year in jail alongside a fine of $1,000.

Reports from Idaho police station indicate that Philip Poissonnier was kicked out of the club for drinking too much and causing trouble and was driven home by a police officer. When he arrived home and still in a drunken state, he realized he had overpaid the bill at the bar and went ahead to make a dozen of phone calls to 911. He wanted the police officers to go to his house and discuss the bill.

The police reports show that he called and hung up a number of times before finally being able to talk to the operators. Other times, he would call and place the receiver near the radio and even went ahead to make a comparison between the phone operator and his wife. In a span of 1 hour, he had made up to 12 calls and this according to the police was a distraction to their job.

In his drunken state, he interrupted prowler calls and this is what led to his sentence. When contacted, the bartender proved beyond reasonable doubt that he had given Philip the correct bill for the 10 beers he had taken.

According to The Rooster, the case was closed, Club Tequila, which is the name of the bar where Poissonnier went drinking, remained open.

Featured image via The Rooster.

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