Cow Escapes Halal Slaughterhouse In Queens NY, Makes Mad Rush For Freedom

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In Queens, NY recently, a cow was seen walking around along the busy streets. It wasn’t out to hurt anybody. In fact, it appeared to be sightseeing as if it was on vacation.

It came from the Jamaica Archer Live Poultry and Meat Market that’s on 165th Street. It managed to escape on its own and managed to walk around freely along the streets.

No one in the area seemed to be frightened by the cow. People at the plaza along Jamaica Avenue, near the slaughterhouse at Queens Halal, took pictures of it.

In a video that was recorded, the cow can be seen just casually walking around. It runs after pedestrians start to gather around it.

Unfortunately, the cow didn’t know where to go and it eventually went inside a parking garage that was across the street from its final destination. The police showed up and used a rope to capture it again.

The next day, the cow was slaughtered at the Queens Halal slaughterhouse. An employee at there said that they slaughter the animals there every Friday.

We can’t know for certain if the cow ever had any idea about what was going to happen to it before it escaped. At least it had a chance to do something different before it was too late.


Image screen captured from NYPost.