Council DNA Testing Dog Poop To Shame Owners Who Don’t Pick It Up

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At one time or another everyone has had that morning, walking down the pavement, rushing to work, nose deep in responding to emails then suddenly, disaster! Your new shoes, sandals or shoe-sandals are ruined because some dog didn’t pick up after himself. Well, one London borough decided that enough is enough. Their streets will no longer be held hostage by such admittedly cute but dastardly criminals.

The aptly named Barking and Dagenham council confronted this scourge with doggy-DNA. They approved a measure to begin taking samples of “forgotten” excrement. These samples will then be compared against the doggy-DNA database. No more slipping through the cracks of justice for these mutts.

Well, except for the dogs that refuse to participate. As of this writing, the database is completely voluntary. But slowly, painstakingly slowly, the database will add new samples until one day one of those dogs slip up, which will definitely justify the extravagant expense.

Now, there are probably some people that may call this a waste of time, money, resources and human thought, however they aren’t the ones living on those streets and smelling that pungent air. They don’t understand that civilization breaks down not with a bang but with a velvety plop.

There is no nobler cause for which to fight than civil order and good neighborliness. The council of Barking and Dagenham understand this calling. They are willing to throw vast amounts of money at a problem that could be addressed with free poo bag dispensaries attached to trash cans. No, they choose the CSI-inspired solution because go big or go home.



Image screen captured from YouTube.