There’s A New App To Help Straight Dudes Hook Up With Other Straight Dudes

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According to Rooster, there is a new app called BRO. BRO is intended for “straight guys who are attracted to men.”

There does appear to be a double standard when it comes to what makes someone straight or gay. If a woman occasionally shares an intimate encounter with another woman, but identifies as straight, she is considered bisexual or sexually adventurous. On the other hand, if a man shares an intimate encounter with another man, most consider him gay even if he is attracted to women.

The BRO app seeks to help men who fall into this gray area find discreet encounters. It isn’t just for straight guys to hook up with other guys, however. It’s founder Scott Kutler says BRO is intended to “exist in a gray area between friendship, sex, and dating.” Men can use the app to form platonic friendships with other men, to find men to have sexual encounters with, or to find a man to date.

Men who identify as gay can also use the app to find partners. The focus of BRO is to give men a place to be themselves without fear of being labeled. They don’t have to act macho to be accepted. They are free to talk about hobbies that they wouldn’t feel comfortable admitting they have otherwise, such as sewing and baking. They can get fashion advice along with a fist pump icon so they still feel like a “real man”.

Sexuality is becoming much more fluid as society becomes more accepting. With transgender public figures like Kylie Jenner, the line between male and female is becoming more ambiguous, and the line between gay and straight is bound to follow the same trend. I suspect that BRO is the first of its kind, but not the last.

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