Colorado Man Dresses Up In Cape And Sombrero, Traps Woman In Bathroom To Snort Coke

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For a drug addict, the worst moment is when they are running low and cannot reach their supplier and they are forced to source a different dealer.

Before you succumb to the deficiency effects, you meet an angel dressed in cowboy boots, sombrero and cape.

Immediately he invites you to follow him into the men’s washrooms and this ends up being a wild ‘bumpy’ affair that only reminds you that you are still young and free you still are.

As fictional as it may sound, this is a true story that took place last weekend in Aspen but this case did not have a happy ending. A woman in her early 20s was making merry in the company of her friends in Colorado when she came across a funny-looking man. Since she was in need of a puff, the guy invited her into the washrooms where they would be in seclusion and get a sniff of the cocaine.

He, however, refused to let her go and The Rooster reported that he became violent when the lady declined his advances. She made a distress and by the time the police were arriving, she was traumatized.

When giving an account of the occurrences to the police, she confessed to having been taking drugs with her attacker. His aggression brought her back to her senses and she realized she was in the wrong.

She got a reward for this confession and that was being allowed to go free.

Marco, the attacker, on the other hand, was convicted of kidnapping and being in possession of hard drugs. He was however released on a bond of $4500 and is now free as well.

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