WTF Medical Condition Causes Objects To Stick To This Man’s Head

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As strange as it sounds, an Illinois man named Jamie Keeton has a medical condition that causes objects to stick to his head. It is not without precedent since there are other people in other countries with the same condition, but it is so rare that no one knows how it works.

Keeton says that he first learned about the condition more than two decades ago at a baseball game when he was resting his drink against his forehead to cool himself. Unfortunately, when he reached up to catch a home run, he found to his embarrassment that his drink was stuck to the back of his head.

Although he was embarrassed at first, Keeton has had a lot of time to make the adjustment. Nowadays, he makes a living under the stage name of “Can Head,” showing off his ability to stick items such as cans, bottles, and even cell phones on his head before releasing them at will.

He has become so well known that he has even managed to gain some commercial sponsors, who pay him to have their logos printed on either his shirt or one of the cans on his head.

While Keeton still does not know how he came by the medical condition, there can be no doubt that he is making the best of a not so bad situation.

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