Woman Suing After Finding Dead Man’s Face At Car Wash

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People expect to find soap, water and wax at their local car wash, but they don’t expect to find a dead man’s face. That’s what happened to Kimberly Kriege from Livingston, Montana on September 30th, 2013.

The face belonged to 81-year-old Elgie Bedford who had been the victim of a hit and run incident earlier that day. Grandfather Mr Bedford had been on his way to visit family in Texas from his home in Alaska when he crashed his car into a fence and began to walk along the freeway in search of help.

Truck driver David Welk, employed by trucking company CRST Expedited Inc., hit the pensioner with his semitrailer and drove off without reporting the crime. He was convicted in January 2015 of killing Mr Bedford and leaving the scene of the crime, and received a six year suspended sentence.

Investigators have reported that several other vehicles then struck the body as it lay in the road, and it is alleged that the owner of one of these cars then took her vehicle to the car wash to be cleaned which is how a large portion of the dead man’s face ended up on the floor of the car wash.

Ms. Kriege claims that she needed intensive counseling and therapy after seeing the gory body part, which she described as a “large part of recognizable human face”, and is now suing Mr Welk’s employers for negligence and the emotional distress she has suffered as a result of the incident.

CRST Expedited Inc. deny any responsibility for her traumatic experience.

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