Woman Facing Jail Time For Urinating In Family’s Food

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In Dubai, a woman of Asian origin is facing trial for putting her urine in an Emirati family’s food. The prosecutors at the court established that the motive behind the heinous act was to jinx the family into liking her and probably increase her pay.

For this reason, she faces charges of trying to poison her employers.

The family noticed a strange smell coming from the food and tea, and it is for this reason that they intercepted her and handed her over to the authorities.

During a visit to the Emirati family’s home for investigation, the police discovered bottles of urine hidden under the house maid’s bed and this was presented to the prosecutors to be used as evidence in the trial.

According The National, the woman admitted to the felony asserting that it was an innocent move to try and gain control over her employers and, as a result, have them retain her for the longest time.

One of the prosecutors explained to the court that the woman’s culture condoned the practice, citing it as one of the ways to make people treat you in a special way.

She further explained that she hoped her actions would result in more incentives among other favors from the family, such as salary increment.

She told the prosecutor that she had taken this action after being persuaded by a friend, who claimed that the jinx would work. However, she pleaded innocent during the trial.

After the first hearing, the court postponed the case until February when judgment will be passed.


Featured image via Gulf Digital News

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