Someone In Sweden Keeps Drawing Giant Snow Penises, Driving Cops Insane

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In what appears to be a never-ending European prank festival, somebody in Sweden is really showing authorities just how big their balls are — literally.

A few weeks ago, a self-proclaimed Swedish artist pulled off a hilarious prank otherwise only funny to middle school-aged boys: drawing a picture of a penis in a public space. Kings Park in Gothenburg served as the artists’ canvas, which was then home to one very large phallic symbol of manhood.

Take a look for yourself:

The lake that houses the Picasso-esque illustration is barely iced over, meaning the artist had to pull out their longest brushes to draw the picture in the snow.

A Call To Action

Of course, not everybody appreciates fine art. Sweden officials were called to action after various complaints were filed to the Gothenburg City Council. The ice, however, is much too thin for a full-frontal removal. Instead, authorities opted to hire a cleaning company to scrub the image away.

But That’s Not All

In response to the image’s demise, public outcry ensued. Responding to a Facebook group that created as a petition to bring the image back once again, one of the individuals responsible for removing the image, Emilian Sava, reportedly promised a snow penis even larger than the first.

The result: snow blowers, an open field, a ton of snow, and a penis that you’ve got to see to believe.


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