Pigs On The Loose In New Hampshire, Cops Put Out Alert

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A couple of pigs (the four-legged, pink kind) were recently spotted by the Merrimack Police Department in New Hampshire taking a casual stroll around their town. Were they headed to market, perhaps? The rather unusual sight prompted the police department to do what else but take to social media asking for help identifying the pair of pigs.

The irony and humor of the pink piggish’ stroll was not lost on the cops with a sense of humor. They did not hesitate to admit on social media that they too found humor in the situation. They knew they were probably opening themselves up to jokes about “cops, pigs, and bacon.”

“These two beauties are currently on the loose in the Peter Rd. area,” the police posted on Facebook. “They do not belong to us, do not work for us, and are not looking for the market.”

Their tongue-in-cheek humor went viral – as did the pictures of the pigs on the run.

Not long after the police department’s announcement, the post found its way to their owner. The pigs, however, had not found their way back to their owner. According to the police update, the owner had to find his way to the piggies. And, in the end, we assume all was good and these New Hampshire beauties are safely in their pigpens.

Featured image via Flikr by KIrsten

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