Man Was Watching Adult Film While Driving Before Fatal Crash

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In an unfortunate report in Detroit from the Michigan State Police, there was a fatal single car accident at just after 3:30 in the morning on January 24, 2015. The accident happened on the ramp of I-75, where troopers can be chalked up to distracted driving, the number one cause of accidents.

Had this been the end of the circumstances, this crash would probably have faded out of posting.

The Michigan State Police found that the man had been watching a movie, pornography to be specific. It is still unknown what particular movie was on the on the device. Further research may be required to determine which movies were used.

What a way to go.

The crash may not have been fatal had the man been wearing a seat belt (or perhaps not showing “self love”) at the time of the accident.

Fox 2 Local News reported that the driver was found without a seat belt and partially ejected from the sun roof. Preliminary investigation have said that the driver was not impaired.

On a strange note, the Michigan State Police also reported to Fox 2 that there was an unrelated crash involving a man that “had a big date with Rosy Palms.” That man survived, though he had to explain why he was not wearing pants.

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